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Used Cars
CLEAN CARS Attract Customers!
DIRTY OIL Chases Them Away!
A Great Used Car Sales Tool
  • How many times has dirty oil in an engine led to discussions with your buyer or his mechanic about their concerns with the maintenance history of the car?
  • Worse yet, how many times has a customer walked away from a used car because the oil was too dirty -- even after you just changed the oil?
  • What could it mean to your sales force if every car on the lot had clean, clear oil, no matter how long it's been in your inventory?
  • If the answers to these questions strike close to home, please consider the following:
  • Every engine produces sludge. When you change oil, there is typically a half quart or more of sludge that is left in the engine. You put new oil in the engine and this Sludge quickly mixes with the new oil, making it look like it was never changed. This Sludge can cause a host of problems in an engine. Any used vehicle can have serious lubrication related problems just waiting to happen and you have no way of knowing what they may be.
  • The engine flushing process adds about 15 minutes to an oil change. It removes the Sludge that's normally left behind, cleans out the oil pump screen, and removes the tar, varnish, wear metals and other contaminants that are normally left in the engine during an oil change. Once the engine has been "flushed", the oil will remain clear and clean for up to 1,000 miles or more. Those potential lubrication related problems are gone because you have almost completely removed the source of the problem -- Sludge!
  • Your customer can pull the dipstick on any car on your lot and he will see clean oil in a clean engine. He can take it to his mechanic, who will tell him, "It looks like this engine has had excellent maintenance."
  • What customer wouldn't appreciate a dealer who cares enough to make sure the engine in his new car is free of the potential harmful effects of Sludge.
  • A GOOD DETAIL can make a used car look great!
  • A GOOD STEAM CLEANING can make the engine look great on the outside!
  • Why not take it a step further and CLEAN THE ENGINE ON THE INSIDE, where it really counts?


Solution & Filters, Parts & Service available for most engine flush machines.
Lifetime Service Contracts available.

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